My brokenness created opportunities to cultivate my purpose.

Thinking back to my childhood, I remember that I always loved to be outside with my daddy. Wherever he went, I wanted to go so I could ride shotgun in the pickup truck. Whatever he was doing, I wanted to do; that includes helping him under the hood of cars and trucks. I loved the tools and tinkering to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it. I don’t think much has changed about that love. I still love tools and still love using them to help mend broken things, broken environments, and broken people

I’ve been broken. Broken and scarred from heartbreak, grief, trauma, disappointments, and rejection. My brokenness has negatively impacted my personal, spiritual, and professional development. Yet, it has also created opportunities for growth and cultivation of my purpose. So I’ve seized those opportunities for my growth as a woman, as a believer, and as a professional and used them as a launchpad for serving and supporting others.

With 20+ years of experience and education as a trainer, speaker, and strategist, I now use professional and spiritual tools to help individuals cultivate the environment of their lives and make them conducive for identifying their purpose and carrying out their purpose. I do the same thing for new organizations seeking clarity of purpose and direction and seasoned organizations seeking new strategies, scalability, and sustainability for their purpose.

Whether standing on a stage, in a training room, the boardroom, or a private, virtual call, I’m sharing tools, tips, and strategies that bring discovery, maximization, and transformation to many. Much like the picture with my big brother, Darren, I’m still holding the hands of individuals and organizations and walking with them into the fulfillment of their purpose.

It’s what I’ve always been purposed to do and called to be.

Featured Speaking Engagement

  • Visionary and Host: It’s Okay to Start Over! A Gathering for Women
  • Featured Facilitator: 2018 Regent University Leadership Coaching Research Roundtable
  • Featured International Speaker: A Woman’s Narrative: Paris, France
  • Featured Trainer for National Organization of Victim Assistance (NOVA)
  • Featured Guest: Conversations for Leaders and Teams podcast (Season One, Episode 20)
  • Featured Guest: What’s Good Gifted podcast (Season One, Episode 15)
  • Featured Guest: Infinite Impact Leadership podcast (Season One, Episode 14)


      • Executive Leader (non-profit sector and local government) – 18 years
      • Entrepreneurial Leader (small business owner) – 20 years
      • International Speaker
      • Published Author
      • Doctorate in Strategic Leadership

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